SØREN just released its debut ep,  Eidolon, that is full of upbeat, intense, driving, emotional, and often political songs..

"Animals" was released as a single in February of 2018 with a companion video.  since the release of Eidolon (EP), two singles being pushed are "Cage fight" and "Love Lies". 

Regarding Licensing, there are many vibes on here that could fit well with shows like Peaky Blinders (Netflix), Hard Sun (Hulu), Ozark (Netflix), Westworld (HBO), Billions (Showtime) and many others. 

Here also is a link to listen and download via box.com click here

The writer and producer behind SØREN, Justin Hulsey, has amassed more than this just-released EP.  Genres spanning from singer/songwriter to Americana to rock, he has released a handful of solo albums and EPs that are full of sync possibilities.  


For more info feel free to roam around the website

contact: thisissoren@gmail.com


Music and Words by Justin Hulsey
Produced by Justin Hulsey
Vocal Production by Justin Glasco
Mixed by Brent Puls
Mastered by Hans DeKline